After years of disuse, you can finally track what I'm listening to again on A drag: getting it to work with foobar2000, but it's possible – just use Google. I mainly did this again to stay off listening to music on YouTube as much as possible.

of interest: – Really, Houdini? (!) – great blog post from the great Marina Shifrin of “quitting my job to Kanye West's Gone” fame) – Writer is one of the few who report my same experience with Zombie and Dahmer's apparent revival in pop culture – “Serial killers, their origin stories, and the mark they’ve left on this country’s collective psyche, are interesting; let’s not pretend otherwise. But I’m not going to watch Ryan Murphy’s cannibal show. The center of the cannibalism/sexual violence/obnoxious theater kid pep Venn diagram is not a place I want to dwell. Ever.” I still recommend reading Frankenstein this Halloween.

check out: Rianne Sisler Marija Gimbutas “The Chalice and The Blade”

We don't fully understand the word “understand”: – great illustrations

There's a page on my physical diary just an exact replica of this digital page, minus external links and plus Spanish words.

“It comes from a deep-rooted conviction that if there is anything worthwhile doing for the sake of culture, then it is touching on subject matters and situations which link people, and not those that divide people. There are too many things in the world which divide people, such as religion, politics, history, and nationalism. If culture is capable of anything, then it is finding that which unites us all. And there are so many things which unite people. It doesn't matter who you are or who I am, if your tooth aches or mine, it's still the same pain. Feelings are what link people together, because the word 'love' has the same meaning for everybody. Or 'fear', or 'suffering'. We all fear the same way and the same things. And we all love in the same way. That's why I tell about these things, because in all other things I immediately find division.” -Krzysztof Kieślowski