Z piece finished bilingually, published in English at https://theaither.com/2022/07/28/nick-zedds-aka-nick-zodiaks-last-stand-or-whats-eating-the-director-of-they-eat-scum/ still on the 5 month anniversary of his death – thank God for different timezones.

Waiting on the Spanish publication.

Work today, interview. Stayed up way too long. Haven't seen enough or taken enough notes!

Hell Ride – 3/5 (ought to write a review, Madsen and Hopper together... QT, (though you did not direct this anyway) I have finally forgiven you!) St. Narcisse – 5/5 (idem) Raspberry Reich – 4/5 Ulrike's Brain – 4/5

“Only a tiny spectrum of experience is deemed culturally relevant in any given time. Those who rigidly adhere to this spectrum are not content with merely regulating the present to their myopic worldview, they want to colonize the past as well. Blatant anachronism can be used as a tool (one of many) to explore aspects of the past that are officially off-limits to these imaginative cripples, just as blatant inaccuracy can be used to crack open the present in the same way that a child will often break a favorite toy in order to see how it works. (Given that we live in a dystopia of mass production, the toy can always be replaced, while the insights gained by exploring its inner workings will last a lifetime.)” -Damian Murphy

“Protest is when I say this does not please me. Resistance is when I ensure what does not please me occurs no more.” -Ulrike Meinhof